Should a pensioner always motivate the loan?

One of the drawbacks of the loan: the description of the reasons that link you to the loan. In other words: why do you ask for an extra sum in the case studies? Is this part of the list of reasons for obtaining a loan?

Sometimes you don’t need or want to give this information. Sometimes the reasons that lead you to get credit are not part of the scheme but you need it. After a lifetime of sacrifice you want to enjoy your retirement and maybe a little extra to satisfy your needs, your desires.

The INPS direct multi-year loan , for example, is dedicated to pensioners and public employees enrolled in the unitary management of credit and social services. To apply for this type of five-year or ten- year loan (divided into 60 or 120 monthly installments), various certifications are required.

In addition to the request for a loan request, in fact, the INPS requires the documentation certifying the state of need and the eventual expense. In addition, a medical certificate of good physical condition is required. In other words, you have to prove that the money you will be borrowing will be used for a fee set by the rules.

The alternative to multi-year loans

The alternative to multi-year loans

This is a point that characterizes different forms of credit, but there are realities that overcome the constraint of motivation and allow the pensioner to apply for a loan without any restrictions . Or rather, there is only one constraint: the return of money.

The assignment of the fifth , for example, is an ideal channel to request loans without having any obligation to state reasons. You pensioner can request a sum equal to one, two, three, four net monthly salary payments to be repaid in a time period of 12, 24, 36 and 48 months respectively.

The advantage? Immediate money without giving reasons .

In other words, you can manage your resources as you see fit: do you want to make a gift? Do you want to pay a new car to your child? Do you want to book a cruise? perfect, you can do it and you do n’t have to communicate your intentions. If on the one hand the small loan of the fifth assignment allows you to get new resources without giving justifications, on the other you have to carefully evaluate your starting pension.

The salary assignment is based on an automatic reduction of the installment from the pension. The money is taken from the pension before it arrives in your hands, and there is an obligation on everyone: to respect the survival threshold of the human being.

If the basic pension is so low that, once the installment required to meet the monthly nature of the loan has been removed , the pensioner does not exceed 490 euros the loan is not applicable. Consequently the minimum starting base for obtaining a loan with the sale of the fifth is the share of 550 euros.


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