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To apply for a payday loan, there are already wefind alternatives to traditional banks and credit institutions: lending technology companies.

payday loans are fully legal loans granted by Wefindloan lenders, acting as if they were a bank. In exchange for the borrowed money, we commit ourselves to return the capital in a determined term, by means of periodic installments (normally every month), comprehensive of interest and amortization of capital. In addition, we pay the commissions agreed in each contract.

Although payday loans are sometimes more expensive than bank loans, it must be borne in mind that they do not have additional products linked, such as insurance or credit cards, that make the loans granted by banks more expensive.

Compare lending wefind loans and find the one that best fits your needs and possibilities, at the lowest possible financial cost. Whether you are a company or an individual, Wefindloan has credit.

Tips for Requesting a payday Loan

payday Loan

To get money with a payday loan we must follow the wefind credit triad, which teaches:

Analyze the financial cost of the loan

Analyze the financial cost of the loan

What interest rate TAE will I end up paying? We must compare the financial conditions offered by lending wefind and bank loans at our disposal, to pay just for the credit.

Ask for money responsibly

Ask for money responsibly

Request the right money to finance our needs and return it in the shortest possible time, adjusting the fee to our ability to pay.

Wefind lending lenders are not registered in any official registry, nor supervised by the Bank in Spain. The Consumer Authorities of each Autonomous Community are responsible for checking the legality of lending companies. Therefore, it must be verified that the lending company scrupulously complies with the Law before asking for money. At Wefindloan you will find experts who will guide you through the process of applying for credit reliably.

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